Sweet And Innocent


Petite Ballerinas Fucked
Hot blonde Candee Licious needs to get her artful dance routine without flaw, so she invests loads of energy rehearsing. As Candee’s mentor, Max Dior comprehends his understudy’s drive for flawlessness, however, he additionally needs her to relax. Luckily, he can help with that by offering his rooster for her to suck and fuck. After setting aside a lot of effort to appreciate the treat of Max’s stuffed with a lot of licking and sucking, Candee climbs onto his face so they can commonly enjoy a 69. Since her pussy is so near Matt’s part, Candee before long slides forward so she can contract him covered somewhere within her. That commences a vigorous fuck fest where they investigate a wide range of positions, huge numbers of which require the assistance of Candee’s artful dance bar for balance. By the time Max has brought her everything the peaks she longs for, Candee realizes exactly how she will reimburse his thoughtfulness and help him get off, as well. Back on her knees, she utilizes her enchantment hands and skilled mouth to prod Max until he impacts his heap all over her holding up open mouth and tits. Grinning and loose, Candee now realizes she can return to her training with a reasonable head.

Date: August 26, 2019
Actors: Candee Licious