Student Teacher Conference – Elsa Jean,Katie Morgan


Katie Morgan has come to Elsa Jean’s home to have a parent instructor meeting about Elsa’s conduct making out with Rion King between classes. She demands an exhibit of what everybody is whining about, and soon Elsa and Rion are lip-locked. Katie is disinterested with the showcase that has created the grumblings, so she offers to demonstrate to them what a genuine messy makeout session resembles. She has two willing understudies, and soon their kissing exercises transform into more. Encouraging both of her understudies to much more prominent demonstrations of sexuality, Katie offers to help Elsa figure out how to suck dick better. They invest a lot of energy in this exercise a lot to Rion’s pleasure, and after that get him much hornier as Katie causes herself and Elsa out of their garments. After a long kiss, Katie tells Elsa the best way to eat pussy in a luscious 69 while Rion watches with the most extreme enjoyment. Bringing Rion once again into the activity, Katie guides her understudies through a wide range of fulfilling trio positions as she and Elsa alternate eating out one another’s dribbling screw gaps while Rion fucks the other. Once Katie has guaranteed that she and Elsa have had their fill of cumming, she asks Rion appropriate to the edge of his own continuance. At the absolute last minute, she has him haul out of Elsa’s twat so he can cover her shaved pussy in his jizz that Katie licks up and after that snowballs with Elsa.

Date: October 1, 2019

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