Snow Bunnies 4 Kristen Scott,Sierra Nicole


Back for one last unscripted video, Kristin Scott and Sierra Nicole are dismal to wrap up their blanketed end of the week experience. These two snow rabbits realize the fun isn’t exactly finished at this point, however, so they try to take the necessary steps to have a ball as time draws short. They start by making a beeline for the tattoo parlor where Kristen and Sierra each get another tattoo before peeling off their shirts and dismantling down their stockings to shake their booties. Sierra even enjoys a smidgen of areola licking as Kristen squirms for her pleasure. Later that night, the young ladies are getting occupied together with Sierra devouring Kristen’s runway screw gap when Tyler Nixon gets together with them. He has his spot between Sierra’s thighs, lapping ceaselessly at the blonde’s enthusiastic grab. When she’s trickling with fervor, Tyler alters his position so he can sink balls profound into her velvety puss. The trio at that point changes it up so that Kristen can get her pussy beat while all the while eating Sierra out. Adjusting their position indeed, the young ladies swap spots so Sierra is on her knees with Tyler beating endlessly from behind. Kristen slides underneath her sweetheart, orchestrating herself in a 69 that lets her assistance Sierra to a titty shaking peak. Minutes after the fact when Tyler hauls out, Kristen’s energetic mouth is prepared and holding back to get the last cum shot of the end of the week so she can snowball it with Sierra in a last prurient act.

Date: October 17, 2019