Smother Me – Cassidy Banks,Tyler Nixon


Thrilling brunette Cassidy Banks can’t keep her hands off her everything characteristic huge boobs. The shapely bronzed excellence is decked out in undergarments to lure Tyler Nixon to test her appeal, and she’s in all out temptation mode to improve the pot. Touching her hands all over her petite body, she steps by step works her shirt off with the goal that she’s down to simply her hot underwear for Tyler’s delight. Cassidy climbs onto the bed and afterward chooses top of Tyler so she can continue wiggling those tits directly in his face. Her show just starts as she liberates them from the limitation of her bra and afterward ricochets them here and there with her hands, making a point to give her huge areolas and hard areolas a lot of consideration. Inclining forward, she influences them in Tyler’s face as he sucks the tips and crushes his superb toys. Kissing her way down Tyler’s body, Cassidy liberates his hardon and after that inclines in to brush her bosoms against the velvet steel of his erection. When she opens her mouth to overwhelm the tip, her eyes never leave Tyler’s. Before long she is lapping and sucking ceaselessly at his cockerel, demonstrating each proof of profound delight at her sensual caress before completing it off by pushing her boobs together for a titty fuck. Climbing onto Tyler’s lap, Cassidy squeezes her twat to his stiffie and after that coasts down until she’s loaded with dick. That commences a hot ride where here tits are ricocheting all over. While coordinating Cassidy’s strokes, Tyler shifts back and forth between getting her sufficient ass and crushing her influencing knockers. Changing it up so she’s on her hands and knees, Cassidy cries with energy as Tyler presses into her from behind. His strokes are similarly as profound as she could need, and her pleasure is possibly increased when Tyler winds his submit her hair and pulls her back so he can prod her ear and neck. As delight overwhelms her, Cassidy step by step tumbles to the bed while Tyler continues siphoning ceaselessly while never missing a stroke. After enjoying one final turn around cowgirl style ride that gets her affection packs skipping once more, Cassidy has at last had enough. Getting Tyler off is her lone residual want, so she stoops before Tyler and presses her bosoms together. He takes her up on the greeting, screwing the sheathe between her tits until he cums all over her chest. At long last fulfilled, Cassidy sucks the tip of Tyler’s hardon dry in one final enchanting gulp.

Date: October 1, 2019

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