Serena Blair, Kenna James Cheeky Sexy Humor


Serena Blair likes everything to be perfect and clean. In any case, her flatmate, Kenna James, is the most complicated individual she’s at any point known! How Kenna can be so joyful about everything makes her crazy, regardless of whether she subtly believes Kenna’s hot. One day, the conflict, with Kenna regretting about how ANAL Serena is. It’s undeniable to her that Serena needs to extricate up a piece and have a fabulous time. Little does Serena know, starting there on, things are going to get cheeky. Serena is staggered when the devilish Kenna utilizes each opportunity she must be exposed to show off her ideal butt. In spite of the fact that it stuns Serena from the start, she cannot keep her eyes off those cheeks. It doesn’t support that Kenna, ever the cheat, continues staying things in her butthole to get her attention! Finally, when Serena’s searching for a remote, just to discover it in Kenna’s butt, she can’t stand it any longer. Her interest defeats her and Kenna jumps. With Serena being so slick and clean constantly, wouldn’t she like to get DIRTY for once…? Unable to keep down any longer, Serena surrenders to her wants. The two of them lose themselves seemingly out of the blue as they tongue each other’s pussies and play with one another’s buttholes. As Serena softens with delight, she’ll never be so tense again!

Date: September 24, 2019

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