Penny Pax, Alexis Fawx, Kira Noir The Booty Judge


Alexis Fawx and Penny Pax are both occupied with a yoga routine with Alexis driving the way. Penny is experiencing difficulty staying aware of Alexis however attempts her best, after her into stances, for example, descending pooch. The different postures lead to them flaunting their bodies, however particularly their attractive butts! Meanwhile, Kira Noir has an ideal perspective on those tight butts through their tight yoga pants. She doesn’t utter a word however sneaks looks once in a while. Who could oppose the temptation? Then Alexis stops the daily schedule and breaks out rose quartz mending precious stone, referencing to Penny how great it is for the entire yoga and reflection process. It’s about self-esteem, all things considered! Perhaps along these lines, yet Penny’s increasingly inspired by if its supernatural forces will enable her butt to get greater. Alexis shamelessly runs a hand over her own butt and says it merits trying it outlook what it’s accomplished for her! Penny isn’t persuaded, even as Alexis does squats before her to show off that butt. It’s simply the yoga jeans making Alexis’ butt look huge. Alexis shouts that yoga jeans can’t do that and needs Penny to investigate. The two of them get occupied from their yoga standard as they look at butts, pondering whose is greater and firmer. They even slap their butts to test said immovability, which truly gets Kira’s attention. They are going no place quick, so Penny welcomes Kira over to be the judge. Kira excitedly slides in behind them as Alexis and Penny go down onto their hands and knees, prepared for the assessment. Obviously, Kira takes as much time as is needed when picking which butt looks better – there are plenty of interesting points, clearly! She’s excited by the two as the two of them strive for her vote. Kira says it’s difficult to tell who is a definitive victor since they’re wearing yoga pants. Penny at that point tosses out there that she’s down for bare yoga, which Kira demands is useful for the chakras. Since Alexis and Penny were simply looking at mending energies, their consideration is stepped back to the recuperating precious stone. Penny recommends that whoever can hold the precious stone between their butt cheeks clearly has the greater butt. Kira grabs the gem, wondering over it and how its vibrations address her. She at that point asks Alexis how best to retain the recuperating forces of the precious stone, which Alexis reacts that it’s by holding the gem near you. Kira inquires as to whether Alexis ever attempted to assimilate its capacity inside and she says, goodness no doubt, constantly! Penny at that point volunteers, need to have this experience firsthand. Instead of attempting to hold the precious stone between their butt cheeks, they rather make a challenge out of who can take the gem more profound inside them. Obviously, the young ladies can’t resist having some additional enjoyment by eating each other’s pussies out simultaneously. Most likely this will some way or another demonstrate for the last time who has the greatest butt.

Date: October 21, 2019

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