Melissa Moore Our First Dance Fuck


Our First Dance Petite Ballerinas Fucked
Hearty Melissa Moore has quite recently finished her expressive Our First Dance warmup when her instructor Van Wylde joins her. They chip away at their routine together, however soon their vigorous desires hinder their training. After a short time, Van has stripped off Melissa’s sheer leotard so he can adore her medium boobs and lavish runway pussy with his mouth and fingers. Melissa is glad to reimburse the consideration of Van’s mouth with her very own sensual caress, however, Van isn’t going to release his little artist excessively long without having her twat licked. They take as much time as necessary in their 69, however, all beneficial things should, in the end, reach an end. Luckily, Melissa just pulls away with the goal that she can adjust herself on the artful dance bar and sink down onto Van’s screw stick for an invert cowgirl stiffie ride. The couple keeps nothing away from that point, changing to sultry spooning sex before Melissa ascends to her feet so they can indeed put the bar to use as she adjusts for a standing fuck. With her entire body murmuring from Van’s cockerel hitting all the correct spots, Melissa sinks to her knees and gives her mouth something to do licking and sucking his dick until he joins her in orgasmic rapture by detonating all over her face enjoying Our First Dance.

Date: August 17, 2019
Actors: Melissa Moore