Naomi Woods Do Your Homework Or Suck This


Naomi Woods is still in her school uniform as she sits at the kitchen table on her ell telephone as opposed to getting her work done. When Marcus London gets her, he chooses to show her a thing or two she’ll always remember by punishing her until she consents to obey him. Flipping up her skirt and pulling off her thong, Marcus ensures that Naomi won’t overlook her lesson. Eager to show that she will do as she’s told, Naomi gets down on her knees and draws Marcus off. Marcus then demonstrates that he’s glad to give joy just as a discipline when he lifts Naomi onto the table and lifts her miniskirt by and by so he can lick her little bare twat with long ranges of his tongue. When she is absolutely prepared, Marcus gets her out of his garments and sinks his rooster profound into her tight snatch. That commences a healthy fuck fest where Marcus might be making major decisions, however where Naomi gets a lot of delight. When Naomi has delighted in a hard pussy beating pursued by a stiffie ride in her uncovered screw gap, she knows it’s Marcus’ go to cum. With only minutes to save, he hauls out of her warm wetness and spreads her midsection in his cum. Naomi would have proceeded with her wild ride, yet Marcus is finished with her since he has wrapped up.

Date: October 30, 2019
Actors: Naomi Woods

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