Lauren Phillips 70s Ho Cookies And Cream


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Eric and Donna are concentrating in the family room as Kitty hangs out in the kitchen making treats. Kitty keeps accommodatingly intruding on the children, which irritates Eric. Donna chooses to enable him to feel better by unintentionally dropping her pen and dodging under the table to fix his jeans and destroy out his dick to begin stroking. Before long enough, Eric has Donna’s lips folded over his hardon as she draws him off. They back off of one another when Kitty comes back to the space to give Donna some water for her throat, however when she leaves again Eric drops to his knees to devour that redhead pussy! Eric is a crazy person with his tongue, yet Donna needs something somewhat harder.
Lauren Phillips

Lauren Phillips

Lauren Phillips
She gets to her feet so Eric can sit in her seat. At that point, she climbs up her miniskirt and pulls her underwear aside so she can ride his dick as Eric wiggles her huge containers. The horny couple attempts to keep it calm as Donna ricochets here and there on Eric’s screw stick, yet they’ve gotten in the demonstration when Fez and Hyde walk in. Kitty brings out treats for the children to appreciate, yet Eric and Donna pursue them away so Donna can wrap up. She pivots on Eric’s screw stick, putting her tits in his face as she gets down to business on his dick. Fez sneaks once again into the space to crawl on his companions and snatch a treat, however that doesn’t stop the two randy sweethearts. Rather, Donna twists around the table to get one final peak. Is Eric going to give Donna the facial she needs, Kitty, strolls in on them and alarms Eric into jizzing on the treats? Donna wouldn’t fret; she snatches a treat and eats it a lot regrettably.

Date: August 30, 2019
Actors: Lauren Phillips