Lacy Lennon The Boss


Detention Girls
Lacy Lennon is stuck in a detainment young ladies office and she has been making a notoriety for herself as a troublesome young lady. Brad Sterling is demonstrating another executive, Lia, the ropes. He lets her realize that Lacy can be a bunch, yet Lia is sure she can deal with the redhead. Frilly challenges Lia to ping pong yet begins getting forceful as she in the long run attempts to persuade Lia that they should play strip ping pong. At the point when Lia attempts to disapprove of Lacy, the redhead demonstrates her obnoxious and manipulative side. Elegant purposefully tosses the game so she can strip while Lia gets dynamically more uncomfortable.Brad interferes with them directly before Lia can befriend compelled by Lacy into stripping also.
Lacy Lennon

Lacy Lennon

Lacy Lennon
He sends Lia away, at that point pursues Lacy Lennon to her space to go up against her. Frilly tells Brad that she thinks about his forthcoming advancement and that on the off chance that he doesn’t lick her pussy she’ll destroy it. This miscreant has Brad gotten into a tough situation and the two of them know it, so he consents to eat her out for ten seconds. Since Lacy has traded off Brad, the two of them realize he doesn’t have any reason to be taken seriously with regards to pulling out. She holds his head set up until she cums, at that point clarifies that she’s not finished with him yet. Crawling over the bed, Lacy takes Brad’s screw stick in her mouth to suck him into a profound throat BJ. When she’s finished making enchantment with her mouth, Lacy has Brad excessively twisted up and destitute to disapprove of screwing her. She gets it doggy style, at that point gets on top to ride him in turn around cowgirl. She figures out how to cum in a shout inciting peak, at that point works Brad to a peak that covers her from head to twat in cum. Brad is going to roll away from Lacy when Lia strolls in and gets him stripped with his jizz-secured customer.

Date: August 27, 2019
Actors: Lacy Lennon