Kira Noir, Jade Baker Just Like Her Boyfriend Did


Kira Noir enters Jade Baker’s room where Jade lies on the bed looking hopeless, encompassed by tissues and sustenance wrappers. Jade expresses gratitude toward her for coming over…Kira cautiously inquires as to whether there’s anything she can do. Jade mourns that except if Kira can recover her and her sweetheart together, no, there’s very little she can do…Jade can hardly imagine how he undermined her and screwed the young lady he tricked with IN THE ASS, no less! Kira discloses to Jade that it’s his misfortune and that she should concentrate on discovering somebody better for her. Jade says she realizes she ought to yet she’s as yet stuck on him…they benefited have timed! Particularly sex… God, the things he did to her…Kira chuckles, saying it seems like Jade misses his dick more than him! Kira guarantees Jade that she needn’t bother with her ex to have a ton of fun in bed. She’s a magnificent young lady! She can have every one of the hookups she needs. Jade is bothered, saying she can’t simply get out there and snatch some person off the road! Kira is keen for a couple of minutes, at that point coolly proposes that SHE’S down to bang. Jade is astonished, at that point dismisses it, not believing that Kira is not kidding from the outset. In any case, Kira demands that she is! Sexual orientation’s no limit with regards to companions with advantages! Jade is interested, even is by all accounts giving it some inactive idea as she concedes that she’s never done it with a young lady. Kira says that it’s the best thing ever – Jade probably won’t return to young men after this! Jade half chides and half prods Kira for being so anxious to engage in sexual relations with her – she had no clue Kira was even intrigued. Kira shrugs and says that as of recently, Jade was taken, yet now that she’s single and available to all, Kira would joyfully be the one doing the grabbing!’How do you expect to do me like him, at that point?’ Jade inquisitively and energetically challenges. Kira snatches a tie on out of her sack and smiles. Jade is astounded, demanding this must’ve been Kira’s arrangement all along! Kira shrugs, saying that, well, she doesn’t need her closest companion to sulk perpetually, and what better path is there to shake off the blues than getting laid? At last, Jade concurs, gnawing her lip flirtatiously. Kira’s going to screw Jade simply like her sweetheart utilized to…AND give her something some EXTRA as well!

Date: September 24, 2019
Actors: Jade Baker / Kira Noir

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