Just For You – Bambino,Ella Knox


Rich coed Ella Knox is hot and sexual as she plays with her tits in a come-here signal for Bambino. He looks as she utilizes her bra to shake her boobs. At that point, she lifts the texture so they pop free in a smorgasbord of shapely, please. Slithering over the bed, Ella offers Bambino the chance to appreciate two flooding bunches of delicate skin and enormous hard areolas as she comes in for a long kiss. Leaning forward to suckle Ella’s abundant bosoms, Bambino bit by bit works his direction south. He chooses his knees between her thighs and drives her sheer thong aside for simple access. His position makes it simple to lap at Ella’s runway twat and slide two fingers profound into her velvety warmth. As he settles into his pussy blowout, Bambino soothes Ella of her clothing so he can appreciate an unhampered time eating her out. Flipping onto her tummy, Ella connects with draw Bambino and his enormous dick close. She opens her mouth wide to take in the tip of his cockerel, at that point draws him off like her preferred candy. The Indian angel keeps up her penis massage as she strokes her hands along Bambino’s pole and balls. At that point, she pivots and offers her siphon ass to him in an obtrusive invitation. Anchoring his hands on Ella’s hips, Bambino sinks balls profound into her lavish grab. Her groan of pleasure fills the room as he slides all through her sweet heat. It’s not some time before she is shaking indecently into each pushed as Bambino sets a cadence that gets her wet and wild and in urgent need of a climax. Laying down on the bed, Bambino pulls Ella over him. She slides down onto his hardon easily, shaking her hips in the main movements of a stiffie ride. Inclining forward as her hips keep up their movement, she squeezes her enormous chest into Bambino’s face. When she pivots to give him an alternate point, her tits continue wiggling and floundering and her rear end trembles with the power of her wild ride. Rolling onto her back, Ella lifts one leg to Bambino’s shoulder to open herself wide for his consideration. This position has the twofold reward of giving Bambino a chance to watch the insane shaking of Ella’s bosoms while likewise giving him a chance to fulfill her one final time with his enormous dick. When he arrives at the part of the arrangement, he creeps with the goal that his chicken is situated between Ella’s bosoms where she can stroke him off until he detonates all over her face and chest in a shower of hot love.

Date: October 7, 2019
Actors: Bambino / Ella Knox

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