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Jennifer White has her hands full with her stepson Typer Nixon and his companions Brad Sterling and Lucas Frost. The trio roll in from football training similarly as Jennifer has got done with getting dressed. She gives them tidbits and beverages and tells them that supper will be prepared soon. Before they can eat, however, every one of the three stinky young men needs a shower. There’s no opportunity to go exclusively, so every one of the three should pack into the shower simultaneously. The young men dissent that they’re not showering together, so Jennifer snaps into mother in-control mode and instructs them to line up. Pulling their jeans down to uncover three faux passes, Jennifer tells them that she’s going to show them how to be genuine men. She begins with Lucas, sucking him in affectionately. At that point she proceeds onward to Brad as she keeps on stroking Lucas off. Tyler can’t accept his stepmom’s shenanigans, however, he keeps his mouth shut and strokes himself off as he watches Lucas Jennifer while she draws Brad off.
Jennifer White

Jennifer White

Jennifer White
At the point when Jennifer looks at Tyler viewing the scene, she offers for him to participate with a do me grin. Jumping on her hands and knees, Jennifer gives her stepson a chance to blast her doggy style as she twofold groups Lucas and Brad with her hands and mouth. Tyler inquires as to whether he can screw his stepmom’s can, and she ventures to such an extreme as to enable him to put it in. Now is Jennifer’s a great opportunity to truly sparkle as she demonstrates she can deal with three cocks in different positions like a screwing chief. She pulls Brad onto the lounge chair and climbs onto his hardon while alternating drawing Lucas and Tyler off and giving a handie to the next. She has Brad change to her rear end, at that point coaxes Lucas in so he can screw her twat simultaneously while she profound throats Tyler. At that point, she pivots to ride Brad’s pecker as Lucas takes a turn in her butt and Tyler continues giving her the D in her mouth. Moving onto her back, Jennifer respects her stepson back inside his ass as she continues sucking and stroking Lucas and Brad. Tyler destroys out to coat his mother’s gut in jizz, at that point Jennifer takes a cumshot from Brad and afterward Lucas to the face. Cum secured and fulfilled, Jennifer tells the young men that she implied the thing she said about the shower.

Date: September 14, 2019
Actors: Jennifer White

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