Brittany Andrews Sends Stepson Off To College


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Brittany Andrews is a committed spouse to James Bartholet and stepmom to Justin Hunt. Justin is preparing to head out to school, and Brittany is worried that her unpracticed stepson won’t realize how to deal with every one of the young ladies he’ll meet there. She works it out with James while giving him a hand job in bed, at that point has a moment of clarity: she will stop for a moment to chat with Justin about the winged animals and the bees. Later, Justin is relaxing and getting a charge out of some pornography and a wank when Brittany hauls James in to have a family heart to heart. He conceals without a moment to spare, however, Brittany inevitably sees his stiffie and calls attention to this is actually why she’s here! At the point when Brittany starts stroking Justin off,
Brittany Andrews

Brittany Andrews

Brittany Andrews
James consents to give his hot spouse a chance to give Justin the general tour before school. With her significant other’s favoring, Brittany flies out her improved huge boobs and afterward folds her delicate lips over Justin’s hardon. James, in the long run, leaves when he’s sure that Brittany has things well close by. Brittany pulls out all the stops, moving into bed with Justin and riding him like her own steed. At that point, she jumps on her hands and knees and educates him how to take a woman doggy style. They have one final cavort as Justin pounds away at Brittany’s bare twat while bowing between her thighs. At Brittany’s guidance, Justin then hauls out a spreads her stomach and twat in his cumshot to demonstrate that he has the stamina to satisfy any school chick he meets.

Date: September 19, 2019

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