April ONeil, Karla Kush Paging Doctor Butts


Karla Kush and her significant other, Dr. April O’Neil, are sleeping and prepared to have a fabulous time. Karla’s particularly energized, enthusiastic for some encouraging butt play since she can’t get enough of it. However, before they can make a plunge, April’s pager goes off. When Karla sees that remorseful look, she knows she’s not getting any today. It’s disappointing, however, this is the truth of being hitched to a doctor…April attempts to promise Karla that they’re in the midst of a get-away soon, at that point she’ll be all Karla’s! Up to that point, they simply need to keep it together somewhat more. In spite of the fact that Karla is irritated, despite everything she cherishes her significant other, and she mopes once April disregards her in the room. When April returns negligible minutes after the fact, wearing her primary care physician coat, a shy grin, and lash on, Karla is wonderfully astounded. It would appear that April was just disturbing her! Presently that she’s not all that irritated, Karla gives up to the occasion, pretending with April a little to recover the state of mind up. She figures she may have lost something up her butt and needs the great specialist to look at it for her…
April is very glad to inspect Karla all finished – both all around! They’re energetic and warm as they respect each other’s butts and pussies, however, Karla is energized for April to utilize the lash on as of now. When she does, Karla’s not baffled! Regardless of whether it’s irritating dating a specialist some of the time, it has its advantages, as well!

Date: October 22, 2019

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