April Fools Izzy Bell


Izzy Bell joins her stepbrother Logan Long in bed. Wearing her bra and underwear, she asserts she needs to fuck! When Logan begins snapping it, Izzy giggles at the manner in which he succumbs to her joke and flees. Afterward, Logan gives back in kind by getting Izzy with her hands full and stroking her while her sweetheart sits in the parlor. In spite of the fact that Izzy thinks they’ve leveled the scores, Logan isn’t done at this point. When Izzy is in the shower, he continues squirting new cleanser on her head until it gets in her eyes. Once Izzy can’t see, Logan moves out of his shorts and pushes into her tight twat from behind. She shows him out of the shower, however, Logan isn’t going to release their business incomplete. Twisting Izzy over the bed, Logan strips off her miniskirt and reinserts his cock into her grab. Next thing Izzy knows, she’s groaning her pleasure as Logan works her screw opening with his enormous dick. Turning onto her side, Izzy wheezes at the new point of infiltration as Logan continues screwing her. At the point when she flips completely onto her back, Logan’s hardon hits quite a few spots to bring her off. She’s completely into it as she swaps places with her stepbrother and rides him with long strokes of her hips as he crushes her little titties. At the point when Logan puts Izzy on her back indeed, she’s in the throes of a peak when he fills her twat with an astonishment creampie.

Date: November 16, 2019
Actors: Izzy Bell