Alexis Fawx, Christie Stevens Curious Cousin


Christie Stevens opens the front entryway and cheerfully reunites with her subsequent cousin, Alexis Fawx, who is remaining with her a piece. The two ladies energetically get up to speed as Christie gives Alexis a voyage through the spot, which winds up in the visitor room. Lamentably, given the restricted space, Christie and Alexis will share the bed! Despite the fact that Alexis isn’t exactly secure with this since she hasn’t imparted a bed to anybody in for a little while, she consents to since she’s the visitor and all. Later that night, while Alexis is resting, Christie starts stroking off ideal adjacent to her, notwithstanding fingering her butthole. Alexis is stunned she mixes and gets her second cousin in the demonstration. What the heck is going on?? Christie is excessively humiliated, conceding that Alexis is simply so hot – their entire family is hot! She couldn’t help herself…Once Alexis gets over the underlying stun, she inquisitively asks what EXACTLY Christie was doing. Christie is interested as she addresses Christie’s inquiries concerning butt-centric, however, Alexis is as yet anxious about the go about all in all. Doesn’t it hurt? ‘Not in the event that you do it appropriately,’ Christie demands while adding that she’d be glad to tell her the best way to do it appropriately! In spite of the fact that Alexis is still somewhat reluctant, she concedes it’d be a pleasant method to move over into dating… Be that as it may, she’s never even kissed a young lady! Christie advises Alexis to simply unwind – they’re family, so Christie’s going to take great consideration of her. Alexis is in for the evening of her life as Christie manages her through the erotic experience. In the wake of warming her up with some fingering and pussy licking, Christie gets a dildo and jumps into Alexis’ tight ass. In spite of the fact that Alexis never experienced butt-centric, she has an inclination it will be a staple in her room frolics starting now and into the foreseeable future!

Date: October 17, 2019

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